Tuesday, September 1, 2015

3rd Grade and Kindergarten

Alexandra Mary ...

Its hard to believe she is already in 3rd grade...
Time literally doesn't stand still when you have growing children...
Sometimes I look at her and can't believe she is only 8...

Kids grow up way to fast these days...
The technology they use, the tv shows they watch...
The world they grow up in can be pretty scary.

She is so beautiful, on the inside and the outside...
It amazes me looking at these images how truly beautiful she is!

She's spunky, so sassy, vibrant and stubborn.
She's smart, loves to learn and has the need to be the best at what she does.

She's out going, always making new friends and has a sensitive heart.
She hates following directions, she's wild and very sporty.

She's ready for 3rd grade...
Is 3rd grade ready for her?!

Avin Maxine ...

This little lady is finally heading to Kindergarten...
She has been looking forward to this day for months, maybe even years!

She's excited to be at school every day with her friends...
But mostly excited to ride the bus.

It's hard to believe that she is in Kindergarten.
Hard to believe that she is at school full time.
Hard to believe she can ride the bus!

Its all things she's so excited about..
So that makes me excited for her!

This chick is a spit fire with an attitude bigger then herself.
She's whines a lot, thinks she is the boss and isn't afraid to be heard. 

She has a loving personality, is goofy and very touchy feely.
She enjoys learning but would rather chase the boys.

She's gonna have a blast this year...
I can only imagine how much she will learn and grow!

Alex : 3rd Grade : Mrs. Aycock 
Avin : Kindergarten : Mrs. Zuehlke 
Annandale Elementary School

Sunday, August 23, 2015

A Little Bit Of Tennis

66 degrees and windy sounds like a great day 
to take the kids to the tennis courts!

Ok we could have done with out the wind,
thats for sure.

It was a little windy but everyone had a fun time!
The kids enjoy hitting the ball and chasing after it!

Bob just wants to play...
he doesn't care about rules!

When you have 4 kids and 1 big kid trying to all play tennis,
you have balls flying all over the place and the wind didn't help!

The kids have been playing tennis at home a lot recently...
I am thinking we will be heading to the courts more often!

They actually had some volleys back and forth, which was great!
We all got pretty excited when that happened.

I am hoping to get Alex if not Alex and Avin a few lessons here
in Annandale before winter comes!

I have some leads thanks to some friends and teachers.
Hopefully they work out so we can continue with tennis lessons close to home.