Friday, October 21, 2016


I've always been a daydreamer.  On long drives, before falling asleep, while in the shower or just sitting on the couch I can always find something to daydream about, but when my reality has become much better then any day dream is when I know I am living an amazingly lucky and blessed life. 

When Bob and I first met we always talked about goals and dreams.  He had so many dreams and well I just thought I had daydreams that would never be possible.  He kept on me about my dreams and goals and working hard to pursue those things.  I've never met a man as hard working, dedicated and loyal as he is.  

I'd never believed I was worthy of the life I now live.  I never believed I was deserving of finding a man that could take care of and provide for me and my children.  I never imagined being able to find a man I could take care of and stand beside.  I never thought that I would find someone to bring out the "country" side of me, to take me out of my comfort zones and allow me to explore right along side him.

But I found the most perfect man for me.  The man that challenges me like no other.  The man that tells me daily how beautiful I am.  The man that can always make me laugh and smile even when I want to be pist and crying.  I found the man that allowed me to help him while he was helping me. I found the man that needed me as much as I needed him.  I found my best friend and the man I'm going to spend the rest of my life with.  If there is such a thing as soul mates, I know now I found mine.

In the 3 years Bob and I have been doing life together we have made so many of our dreams come true.  We've been able to explore together as a family and go on so many adventures. He's grown his company and I've been able to help and watch it all in action.  We've added to the house and remodeled a few things.  

 Our biggest adventure before this one was buying our cabin just over a year ago.  It was something we weren't even thinking about but just kind of happened.  Though I may not love the cabin as much as Bob, I enjoy our weekends away alone as well as with the kids.  I know that our cabin will house millions of memories for our family and friends.  It has become our home away from home.  It's amazing watching all of our dreams fall into place.

We've been talking for awhile about finding land that was hunt able but still had a house decent and big enough for our family to live in.  It was near impossible to find anything around 10 acres that had even a remotely decent house in the areas we where looking.  We finally decided we would buy land now and build a few years later because we just couldn't find the amount of land we wanted with a house we liked.

Lets be real for a minute, Bob would have taken any 10 acre lot or bigger that had woods on it, no matter what the house looked like or the size.  I care only about the house and its size / look and nothing about the land. Im glad he finally caved, as he told me he would never build, and decided to buy land and build later.

The land we purchased isn't the first we where excited about.  We had an appointment to take a look at a 10 acre lot with a shed already on it but it had an offer on it that we didn't find out about until the day we where supposed to go look.  We where both bummed but that just made us look even harder.

Everyone in Annandale has heard of the Train land.  We actually thought we would hate the land and walk away empty handed again.  When we got there with our realtor we quickly fell in love with the rolling hills and all the trees that the land had on it.  We walked the entire property and knew right away that the back left corner was exactly where we would build our dream home.  The views were amazing and we knew the wild life that would come around the property would be insane. 

We put an offer in on the property the next day and with a little back and forth our offer was excepted  and we became owners of the Train Land.  We have 36 acres in which Bob can hunt on and where we will build our dream house.  

It doesn't even seem real, we've been out at the land multiple times.  We have planned and stood where our house will one day sit.  We have decided and talked about where the shed will be built.  Bob started to redo the driveway so that it goes along the edge of our property instead of through the middle.  It's just a start, a tiny tiny start but its the start to our biggest dream coming true.  

Bob and I together have created our floor plans of the rambler house we will build.   It actually didn't take long, he drew it out and I added and changed a few things.  We have changed and added and changed a few things from the rough draft but we are pretty set on what we have now. My pinterest boards are going crazy with millions of ideas and dreams.  Our ideas are so different it seems like we may never come together but yet there are so many things we both know we want. 

I am so excited to build our dream home together from scratch.  I am beyond excited to watch him with all the hands on he will have during this experience.  He is such a handy man and I can't wait to see all our dreams and my Pinterest ideas come to life.  To say we are lucky is an understatement, to say we are blessed is so true, but all of this is possible because Bob is extremely hardworking and dedicated.  We got here because of him and every choice he has made throughout his life. Beyond thankful for this life and absolutely love doing life with Bob.  Just remember the harder you work the bigger you can dream and when those dreams are fulfilled its the most satisfying feeling in the world. 

Here's to 2017 being our greatest adventure yet! 
Side Note : all of the images are taking from different locations on the land !

Monday, October 17, 2016

Our Greatest Adventure

I don't take nearly enough photos throughout the year with my "nice" camera.  I pull that thing out when it's picture season and not much more before or after that.  I have been trying to get better at taking it out more, capturing the moments and adventures with our kids.  A simple picture can bring back so many memories and emotions.  I am determined to bring the "nice" camera out more often.

 This is the second year that I have taken them out and do family pictures, minus Bob and I of course.  Maybe one year we will get in on the family pictures as well.  This year we went to Henry's woods and it was the perfect location at the perfect time for fall photos. 

I actually had plans to head to this other area with run down barns and more rustic looking.  I am so glad we made the decision to stop here first and check it out.  Seriously so beautiful and the kids had so much fun exploring every inch of the woods.  Picking out where to take pictures and how to take pictures.  I am convinced I didn't get a million I love because I allowed them to much freedom, something I am not usually great at. Because of the freedom the pictures went smoother and the kids had more fun while capturing memories for our Christmas card and the closure of 2016. 

I could have photographed them playing in leaves for hours, next year I will photograph them longer as it is such a simple yet beautifully fun sight.  Something they love and to be able to capture their true genuine smiles is remarkable. 

We took photos for a good hour and explored the woods.  Every new stump they found they had to have me capture a picture.  They climbed out on fallen down trees, over water and swampy land and onto old rotted out logs.  Even through all the exploring, no one got dirty or hurt! 
Let them be kids, let them explore.

I love the bond these 4 have with each other.  I love that they love each other, look out for one another, care for each other and enjoy being around each other.  They fight like true siblings, get on each others nerves and drive each other crazy but they always love one another.

and so the adventure begins!