Friday, May 25, 2007

Tips On How To Teach Your Child To Sleep!

I got this off of Dr. Phil's web page. I love watching his show and he always has great advice. So I went to his web page and got a lot of great advice. Some of the advice I thought I would share with other people. So here is some advice that Dr. Phil had on how to get your child to sleep.
  • Don't skip nap times
  • Pay attention to child's sleep window
  • Put your child to sleep drowsy but awake
  • Start teaching your child to sleep while he/she is an infant
  • Once your child is 6 months old, encourage an attachment to a blankie or a stuffed animal
  • Don't transition your child from two to one daytime naps until he/she is sleeping through the night
  • Don't move your child from his/her crib to a bed until she/he is 2 years of age
  • Install room darkening shades if your child wakes early, a white noise machine or a fan if you live in a noisy house or neighborhood
  • consistency is key, sleep is a learned skill and remember, kids don't learn over night

Just a few tips :)

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