Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Some FUnny Stories About Alex

So Funny! (At least to Chad and I)
A few nights ago Alex woke up around 10am after sleeping for a few hours! She was wearing a little sleeper and ended up kicking and moving so much that she had both feet in the same foot end! For some reason we thought this was so funny because she was fussing and trying to kick but couldn't really kick that well with both feet in the same place! Chad and I laughed for awhile while she did this before we put her foot back in the right place!! It was a great time!
Another funny story happened last night right before we where about to go to bed. I got a new phone last night and was playing with it while I was holding Alex. I decided I would listen to all the ring tones and see if I liked any before I bought some off the Internet. So as I am holding her and doing this she gets a big pouty face. Doesn't cry just has a large pouty face. So I keep going through my list of songs and every time the song comes on she gets this big pouty face, but when the song stops she is just fine. It was so funny cause it didn't matter the beat, the pitches or anything she just got a huge pouty face anytime the music started to play! Chad and I where cracking up, my eyes started to water!
Oh she brings so much joy to our lives and keeps us on our toes all ready! Can you believe that she is all ready 2 months old today! It is also Chads 27Th Birthday!

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