Tuesday, August 7, 2007

4 Month Dr. Appointment!

We had Alexandras 4 month well visit today and it was fun and not fun! We got to find out a lot about her and her growth but she had to get 4 shots! She did very well and only has a small fever! Overall the Dr. said her growth is going great and she is just amazing!
Alex weighs 13lbs. 1.6ounces which is in the 40% for her weight. Her height is 23 3/4inches tall which puts her in the 35% for her age. Her haed is 41.6cm which is in the 70% of her age! She is shorter and lighter then average but the Dr. says her growth and everything seems to be right on track if not ahead!
We get to start solid foods this week :)!! I can't believe she is allready 4 months old!

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