Thursday, June 12, 2008

Too Much Television?

74% - The percentage of children who watch tv before they are 2

43% - The percentage of kids under age 2 who watch TV every day

51% - The percentage of homes where the TV is on most or all of the time

33% - The percentage of kids under age 6 who have a TV set in their bedroom

63% - The percentage of American homes that have a TV on durning meals

17 - Billion dollars spent annually on commercials that are targets at kids

These are actually pretty scary numbers and I am glad to say that Alex has NO interest in tv and you could not force her to sit and watch TV! She may look at the tv if she hears a baby or a puppy but she would never sit down and actually watch tv! We also do not have any shows that are directed towards kids her age playing in the back ground while she plays!

Q. So what are the negative effects?

1. Obesity - studies have found that kids who watch more TV are more likley to be overweight, and it's not just because they are sitting still . Most commericals promote processed, high-calorie foods, and kids crave the products they see in those ads. But the lists of negative effects goes on: Exposure to media has been linked to smoking, sexual risks, eating disorders and substance abuse!!

Q. Is educational programming better?

A bit better for older kids. But ther are no postive effects for children under age 2. Their brains are not yet developed enough to learn from a screen. Even the "baby videos" might contribute to cognitive delays and cause real harm!

That sounds like enough reasons to me for her not to watch TV and be playing and outside ! It also means there is no reason to spend money on movies yet! :)

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