Wednesday, January 7, 2009

She Did It, She Did It, She Did It, Horray!!!

Look Mommy . . . . . . I pooped in the toilet!!!
I did not ask her or tell her to go, she went all on her own!

YOU DID WHAT?!?! I could not believe it, I jumped, and screamed and shouted and she thought she was in trouble tell I said good girl! I am so proud of you!!!

So the story . . . We left work and went to cub, on the way out of cub I noticed her pants where wet! So when we got home I took of her pants and diaper and let her run around in her shirt while I put the groceries away! She was just playing and going in and out of the bathroom! Then she came out of the bathroom and said Toot! I said what? She pointed to the bathroom so I went in there and she had a few stinky little piles of poop (i did take pictures of the poop to show daddy but thought I would leave it off of here)!!!

I am so excited but honestly have no idea where to go form here!


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