Monday, February 23, 2009

10 BIG things . . .

10 things that make each day just that much better . . .
I got this from my friend Kellys Blog and if you want to play along just write your 10 things then link back to my blog!!

1. My Blackberry . . Its always with me and if I don't answer when you call then send me a text! Cause I text way more then I talk! But the blackberry can do so much more and allow me to keep in contact with a lot of people!

2. My Notebook . . I love my computer and it is almost always with me! I do everything with my computer and I am attached to it!

3. Diet Coke - If you asked me a year ago I would have never thought I would have been drinking anything diet but now I love Diet Coke and try to limit myself 2 per day!

4. Hair Straightener . . . I can not stand my wavy hair and have to straighten it every single day! I could not live without my straightener!

5. MY CAMERA - I may not use it everyday but on the days I use it, I use it way to much! I love taking pictures and its become my number 1 hobby! I love my camera and can't wait to get new things for it!

6. A Kiss . . My day would not start off right if I didn't get a kiss from my husband before he left for work or if i didn't give my husband a kiss before I left from work! It just starts my day the right way!

7. My Mom . . If i don't talk to my mom at least once a day it is always like something is missing! I usually talk to my mom like 3 or 4 times a day and I love it!

8. The Blog World . . . I love it and I love reading about different peoples lives and learning new things from them! People may think I am crazy but I feel like I have made friends from all the different blogs that I follow! I secretly wish I have more people follow my blog!!

9. Reality TV . . Yeah its insane but I love reality TV and watch at least one reality TV show a night! The Bachelor, True Beauty, Real World, Amazing Race, Survivor, you name it and I love it!!

10. ALEXANDRA . . She is the most important thing in my world and is my everything! I love being able to spend almost every day with her and I love watching her grow daily! Her funny comments and ways she says new words just brings a smile to my face daily!

There you have it, a few things that I use daily and just might not be able to live without!!!

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Anonymous said...

your photos are great. Would you share what kind of camera and lenses you use?