Sunday, February 22, 2009

Busy Weekend

We have had a very busy weekend! I had 2 photo shoots; one of a little boy named Casey who will be turning 3 next month and another of twin girls named Stella and Ava who will be one very soon! They where both a lot of fun and we got some great images! Here are a few images from each photo shoot!

Alex is always so much help during the photo shoots! She loves to dance and sing for the other kids! She also loves to try and get there attention which she is very good at! Sometimes she gets in my way but she is becoming my little assistant! She is also learning how to listen better!

I also had a Bach Party on Saturday night that was a lot of fun! I left early because I don't have the energy to be out all night or the money to spend on drinks left and right!! It was really nice to get dressed up and look all pretty but man it is a lot of work :)!!

Sunday is kind of a bum day! Alex is getting sick so she took a pretty good nap! Chad had to go to work at 1 and now Alex and I are just waiting for him to come home! We are bored and all she wants to do is watch Elmo!!

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

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Emily said...

Wow! Great are so talented! I especially like the one of the girls face down...too cute~!