Sunday, February 1, 2009

A Few From TuTus . .

Isnt she just a doll! She loves having her picture taken but doesn't always listen! She did not want to take her tutu off though when I wanted to be done!!

There will be more photo shoots to come!!!


Jaymie said...

Your daughter is beautiful! I wish mine was a girly girl in tutu's! Shes 3 and she wore a pettiskirt for last summer's pics but she hated it! lol Hope you had a great weekend!

The Golf Widow said...

Love the headband. Do you remember where you got it?

Anonymous said...

Where did you get the tutu? I have an alexandra too. We call her Lexi and she is almost the same age as your Alex.

Alexandra's Mommy said...

Not sure how to respond to an anonymous so I will write here! I got them from Hannah's Tutus and they are amazing!! I love them!

Lexi is cute!! My mom while I was pregnant called her lexi and then thought sexy lexi was cute so I put a no to the Lexi fast! Even though I knew the entire time we where going to call her Alex!!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the response. Does Hannahs tutus have a website? I will google it to look also.

YES, I have heard of Sexy Lexi. I have a good friend that was a lexi and we called her that once in awhile. For now, most have stuck to little lexi. We always thought we would call her Alex too....we probably will once she gets older...and the name Lexi sounds to little girlish.


Anonymous said...

I found the hannah's tutus website...thanks!