Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Having Fun

Some things we do to pass the time with the kids!

Alex really impressed me today with how well she could build things! She just kept doing it over and over again and changing the way the structure looked! I was very proud of her!

Playing with some Foam on the table

They loved playing in the sink with the bubbles and a few toys!

That's just a few things we do to pass the time! Art projects are not as easy with Alex being her age and with Parker and Sophia! We try to do some coloring but I think they like these interactive activities a lot better!!


Anonymous said...

What kind of foam is that? How do you make it so it isn't messy?

Alexandra's Mommy said...

My Aunt had it! I think its Bath Foam and she got it from Target I would assume! It has little heads on the top, like a duck and I think a pig! Comes out of there mouths!

It is messy! I took off the table cloth and let them have fun for a while :) Then Clean up time!