Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Build Up High

Chad and I got Alex these blocks a long time ago but just recently decided to put them together! I think they are very popular and most households have something like these blocks! Well now that they are together that have quickly become one of her favorite toys or things to play with!

Alex will say :

Daddy . . . Build . . . Up High

Com ( for come on)

Alex will build it up ( with help from daddy or mommy)

Just to knock it all down

and make daddy start it all over again . .

but she has so much fun its just so worth it!!

She gets so excited and just loves to build things! She also has big lego's that she has really gotten into as well!


Emily said...

We are all about block tower (or princess castles as Melody calls them) over here! Those are some high castles she's building! And, of course, knocking them down is the most fun of all!

Kelly said...

We have these blocks too and Chase loves them! He always wants Brian to build a big tower, so he can knock it over or a tower around him. They are fun, just bulky to store!