Sunday, March 8, 2009

Disney On Ice

EDIT: We where allowed to take pictures, people where taking them all over the place! No one every said anything about not taking pictures! So i went all out and took about 300!!

Disney On Ice was an absolute blast! Alex loved it, grandma loved it and I absolutely loved it! I felt like a kid again seeing all the Disney Characters! I wanted to get home and watch all the Disney movies (but have not, but I do own every one that was displayed at this show). The place was packed and we where in the 4th row on the side, they where perfect seats! Alex did such a great job dancing around and talking to all the characters and just sitting on grandmas lap!

We can't wait for the next show to come!!

The incredibles


Alex loved Minnie!!

Just watching the show!

The stars of the show . .

Finding Nemo

The Genie

The start of the show

we brought her minnie doll

Grandma and Alex and Alex kissing her Minnie doll!

Sorry about the mass load of pictures! I took about 300 while we where there and these where some of my favorites!! Again we had an absoulte blast!



Jennifer said...

WoW - great photos from Disney on ice! Did you sneak those? Last I went to a Disney event, we were warned not to take pics (but of course, I snuck a few).
Alex is a doll!
Bday #3 is right around the corner!

Nightowl Mama said...

great pic's we took the kids a few yrs back.

Emily said...

Wow! That does look pretty amazing!