Saturday, March 21, 2009

Family In Vegas

A few more pictures I found on our other camera from Las Vegas!

They are from the plane and the first day out on the strip! Chad had Alex on his shoulders and never did that again because his neck was killing him the next day!

Also wanted to remember that Alex did absolutley amazing on the plane ride there and back! On the ride there she slept for about an hour and a half but was perfect while she was awake! On the plane ride home she slept the entire time! From the time we took off tell about 10 minutes before we landed! Chad and I where so worried about the plane ride and she did amazing! I think it helped a lot that she just loves planes and loves seeing them up in the ski and finding them while we are driving and listening for them! I think it might have been a lot harder if she had never known what they where!

She also did amazing in Vegas and I think she enjoyed it as much as everyone else! She is still talking about the volcano, fire, water, dolphins, tigers fighting and all the lights!

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