Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Alex started gymnastics today and she loved it! My mom took her and signed her up! I dont have any pictures because I was working while they where playing! I will get to go one friday an join in on the fun as well as get some pictures! Alex loved it and I can't wait for her to go back again! My mom said she got to go on a swing, on a balance beam, trampoline, play with balls, have circle time and a few more things that I can't remember! I was in gymnastics so I am super excited for Alex to start early!!

This week is flying by! One more day of work and then its the WEEKEND BABY!! My mom, Alex and I are going to Disney On Ice on Saturday! I am super excited and we keep talking to Alex about it! I am sure she will love it as much as Elmo!

We are leaving for Vegas a week from this Saturday! We are going with my husbands family and we are all super excited! Alex loves Air Planes and I hope she wont have a hard time flying in them! We will be gone for 4 nights and we will have jam packed days! It will be a great time and fun to be with chads family!

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