Friday, March 13, 2009

Pottery Barn Concert

Today I met my mom at Pottery Barn Kids with Alex! They where having a short concert for free that I thought Alex would enjoy! They say songs like do run, run run a do run run and Old McDonald! Alex even volunteered and went up and said her name in the microphone! It was so cute to see her walk up there and then kind of shy away! She danced, clapped, jumped and sang along to the songs!

We all had a great time!

I didn't bring my camera though so I am sad to say I have no pictures!!

EDIT: I did have my phone but was so busy dancing and signing I totally forgot about it! My camera isn't small and sometimes I just don't think to bring it with! I do actually have a small canon but it's not my husbands (even though he never takes pictures)!


Verna said...

Sounds like fun. :( no photos....

I carry my camera in my purse or use my cell phone if I forget it. Maybe next time.

susie said...

how did you find out about the concert?