Thursday, March 19, 2009

Swimming In Las Vegas!!

We only got to swim 1 day during our trip! The other days we where running around! I wish we would have gotten to swim more because Alex absolutely loved it and had a blast! The weather was great and the pool was perfect for little girls her size!
She loved swimming with grandma

Feeling if it is cold or not . . .

Not scared at all . . She just loves the water!

Letting mommy take a picture

The pool was only 10 inches deep and Alex just loved it!

Chads brother Nate's Fiance ( soon to be wife's ) Heather also enjoyed the pool!

She just loves the water and the sun! Can not wait for summer time!

I took alex to the deep end! She likes to be where she can touch and move on her own!

She also went into the Hot Tub and she loved that!!

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