Monday, March 2, 2009

The Wedding Day

UPDATED POST : The wedding was amazing, the day was chilly, a little bit stressful but over all everything worked out and we all had a blast! There are a few pictures below that I thought captured the day! I have a lot more (like around 1800) but I didn't think that I should post them all!

Joan Rivers was staying at our hotel, she had a book signing some where (we are guessing at the Mall Of America)! Heather just randomly saw her and ran after her! She was super nice and let her take a picture with her, she also gave her, her bracelet that she was wearing! It was great!

We took a few pictures outside (it was about 20 degrees with a wind shield of I don't even know) and where freezing! We found a little shelter area that was heated and took a few pictures inside there as well! We got yelled at an had to finish up fast! But the pictures where worth it!

Aren't they just an amazing couple! She looked stunning in her dress! Watch Sex and The City, that's where her dress was inspired :)

Again it was FREEZING!!!

Putting wheat in the flowers, i guess it helps with making babies later on in life!!

First time seeing eachother!

A few pictures from the wedding! Just a sneak peak! It was am amazing day and so cold outside! We sucked it up and did a few outdoor photos and then ran into a building that was apparently closed! The ceremony was beautiful and the reception was a blast! Congrats Adam and Heather!


Emily said...

Beautiful bride and gorgeous dress!!

..::Mrs. Staff Sergeant::.. said...

These are lovely!

And is that Joan Rivers in the first pic?! You simply must tell the back story on that one!