Thursday, March 19, 2009

What We Did In Las Vegas

THE BEST SHOW EVER . . . YUP THATS RIGHT!! If you are ever in VEGAS this is a MUST SEE! He won America's Got Talent and is amazing!! I could not believe what he could do and only hopes he comes to MN one of these days so I can see him again! I don't think he travels anymore though!!

During the show Ace Young from American Idol came out and sang 2 songs as well!

Again this show was amazing and something I will remember forever!
We also so David Copperfield! It was a late show but he was great! I have never been huge on magic but wish I knew how it was all done!

We saw KA . . . Which is one of the most amazing shows ever! So much going on and some amazing stunts that are unreal! We had Chads cousins come and watch Alex in the hotel! They live in Las Vegas! This was the first baby sitters that we paid :)! Alex did great and slept 98% of the time!

The Shows we saw and the things we did! We kept ourselves extremely busy and where rushed a lot! We had an amazing time and saw so many things!

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Fliss and Mike Adventures said...

The only show we have really seen in Vegas is the Blue Man Group... awesome... Vegas is all about fun... forget gambling... boring... :)