Thursday, April 2, 2009

Alphabet Book

Back at it again this week . . 4 The Love Of Family is still going strong and we are on the letter F! I love keeping up with this alphabet book every week! It is exciting and I can't wait to finish it off! Next week will be letter G and it will be a long one because I am doing one for each grandparent!! It should be fun :)

To make these I use shutterfly but then I take a screen shot of them and upload it to Photo Shop and write in the letters or words! If I make this book then I would have to go back into shutter fly and fill in the words on there!!


MamaBear said...

This looks so great Erin!

Looking forward to seeing Grandparents next week. :)

Anna said...

What program do you use to do these?

mom24boys said...

Precious! I am working on my 3rd shutterfly book (this one for Nicholas's first year). Love Shutterfly! Cute layout.

Cathy said...

Great one! I could have used this one as my F as well!

What an adorable little girl you have:)

Brandi said...

This is a great idea! I will be looking more into your alphabet book!

Have a great day!

Oh and I love your page for family!

Anonymous said...

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