Saturday, April 11, 2009

Celebrating Her 2nd Birthday


We had the PERFECT weather (for Minnesota in April) and a PERFECT turn out! Alex had so many family members, friends and little ones come over and celebrate with her! It is so much fun getting everyone together! I truly enjoy planning parties and having a big group over at my house (even though my husband is not a huge fan)!

I will say the one things I don't like about having people come over . . . is all the CLEANING! We got her Birthday cake from Byrelys and it was amazing! They also made Alex her own little upside down cupcake that looks like a mini cake!

She did not take a nap before the party started but she was all ready to go and wanted her friends to come over so she could play outside! Sunny and 55 in April, It was an amazing day!

She wanted great grandma to come outside and play with her! They threw the ball to each other, neither one of them ever catching the ball but still having a blast!

She is an outdoor girl, she could be outside all day long and never come in! I don't even think she thinks about food or water when she is outside! She just wants to run and be free! I don't blame her with the long cold winter we just had! Everyone was super excited to be outside in short sleeves!

I planned to do an Easter Egg hunt and might make it a tradition! We had so much fun watching the kids find all the eggs! Alex birthday is so close to Easter that I thought this would fit in perfect!

I think I hid around 70 eggs total with candy, bouncy balls, lizards and play doh in them!

Here is brynn in her stylish sun glasses looking to cute for her own good!

Parker was excited about all the eggs he had found!

Here is my dad and step sister Lauren helping Alex find some Easter Eggs! She has an Elmo Easter basket!

The wagon and the car are always a big hit when kids come over! They love to ride in and push things all over the yard!

Having fun in the SUN!

Some cute pictures of MYA!

Sophia playing outside

The start to gift opening! Alex got some amazing gifts and she was so cute and said Thank You and gave hugs to most of the people that gave her gifts! She also had a lot of helpers helping her open her gifts!

All the kids just loved helping open gifts and felt like they where a part of the party!



Waiting for her friends to come join her outside to eat the cake and ice cream!

Group Shot

Thank you to all are friends and family for an amazing day!

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Emily said...

Wow. Look like quite the party! Glad she had a good time and you had good weather!