Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Sunday


We got to go to Olympic Hills for brunch this morning with family! We had some great food and Alex got to see the Easter Bunny again! She loves the Easter Bunny and I think it is just so cute! Here are a few pictures from our Easter Sunday!

Some family pictures are a must on Easter Sunday!

I sometimes forget about taking pictures of anything but ALEX! I am glad I didn't forget to get a few family pictures!

Pictures like this are precious!

She loves the Easter Bunny and she loves talking about him! She couldn't get enough of him and wanted to keep going out and seeing him!

Before we went to brunch Grandpa Mick locked the keys in the truck and the police had to come and get the truck unlocked! Alex loved playing outside waiting for the cop to come!

She was picking berries and putting them on the street for the birds to come and eat them!

Hope everyone had a great Easter!


Fresh Mommy said...

OMG, she is so cute!! I love that dress and her expressions are priceless!! So adorable that she was putting out berries for the birds.


Kelly said...

Cute Easter pictures! Go check out my blog, when you get a free chance. I gave your an award! :)