Wednesday, April 15, 2009

A Sunny Day

IT HAS BEEN AMAZING THIS WEEK . . We have spent so much time outside and it makes such a big difference! We play outside during the day, take a walk at night and play with the neighbor girls when they are out! Alex just loves to be outside! She never wants go inside!

Here are a few pictures I snapped last night while we where waiting for daddy to get home from work!

Playing in the dirt . . She will like her sandbox when we get it finished!

Some landscape around our house!


Alex was being goofy and was talking to the birds!

Alex said - HI, Doing, Fun?!

I was cracking up just listening to her talk to the bird!

Her cheese face!

Some more wildlife and nature!

On the bridge

Loves her 4 wheeler

Daddy finally came home!! We played outside for a little longer then went inside to get ready for bed!

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