Thursday, May 28, 2009

Another Dress

We spend about an hour at the park today and about 3 hours playing outside in the back yard! I took a lot of great pictures! I absolutely love this little blue dress she is wearing! I got it for $4 from the Childrens Place! It is silky and doesn't show much dirt!

Yes she is a mess

A Day In The Life Of Alex!


Verna said...

Erin, yes I have sold some of my plastic canvas dolls. If you are not in a hurry I could make a set for you in the future. Right now I am working on a set for Cari--another blogger who saw them. It takes me at least 2-3 months to make one set since I can only work on them evenings while watching tv.
Send me an e-mail at in subject write dolls and I'll discuss all the particulars.

Have a great day.

Emily said...

So, cute! You are just a savvy shopper!