Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Ava Page Sneak Peak

I got the honor to take pictures of Stephanie and Travis little Girl Ava last Friday!

I met Stephanie through the blog world so I was super excited to get to meet her in real life.

Her husband is the youth pastor at a church about 1 minute from my mom and step dads house.

The blog world is huge but you can always meet people that live close by!

Another great thing about the blog world is that you get to meet people with children, learn different ways of parenting, cooking recipes, arts and crafts ideas, discipline ideas, clothing ideas, learn about living green, and so much more!

The Best thing about blogging for me is capturing the memories of my daughter and my family and being able to share that with family, real life friends and blogger friends!

I hope you enjoyed the pictures of sweet baby Ava!


Emily said...

Awe, she is so precious. I forget how teeny tiny and so so sweet new babies are!

Mockabee Seven said...

Wow, you are very talented! What a precious little girl you have as well!

Stephanie said...

Erin, I am just now seeing this post with these pictures! Love it :) We had a great time with you and are so grateful you would photograph our little Ava. We will always cherish those photos!