Sunday, May 31, 2009

Laughing Out Loud

So in the past couple of days Alex has done some pretty funny things! She always seems to make us laugh at what she says and does!

Yesterday she had a dirty diaper and she came inside and turned her back to me, stuck her butt out and said

"look at mommy, poppy"

While shaking her butt around and sticking it out she kept on saying that! I laughed for about a minute and then decided it was time to change her!

Another thing that cracks me up is that Alex loves to sit on the bathroom counter while I get ready! Lately she copies just about anything we say or do! So i was putting on deodorant and she wanted some for herself! So she stuck out her elbow and said

"right there mommy, right there"

I thought it was so funny that she thought deodorant goes on her elbow and not her armpits!

She is just too cute!


Emily said...

That is cute! They say the funniest things!

Mary said...

I wasn't as in to scrapbooking really but then I kind of started and kept going. I only use a couple different things to make them so it doesn't cost too much. I am making a scrapbook for my dad for Father's Day so I have to do it either way! :)

That is cool about Alex's blog. How do you even do that??