Friday, May 29, 2009

Light Pink

I have never thought of myself as a true "Girly Girly"

I never thought my daughters closet would look like this . .

I would have never believed a little girl could look so adorable in light pink!

I could go to hundreds of garage sales and buy lots and lots of dresses!

because now . .

For some reason all I want to put her in . . .

Is A



Meant to be a mom said...

I love all her dresses. Her closet is like a girls dream. What a good mom you are.

Emily said...

dresses are so cute! Melody is rarely seen without a dress on too!

Duralee said...

Oh my gosh, she is ADORABLE! I love her in pink. i wish i could get my daughter to wear a dress. Since her 6th birthday, she is a 'big girl' now and mommy can't help her pick out clothes. haha, your daughter is absolutly adorable!