Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mothers Day


I took almost no pictures on this Mothers Day because my camera battery died and I really didn't think to bring the spare!

When I got out of the shower my husband was yelling at me to look out the front window!

Some horrible black bird was attaching the robins and there nest! He got away with one egg and broke and ate that one! I was so upset! I did get to scare the black bird away so I could get some pictures!

This nest is in our neighbors yard but we have one under are deck and now I want a pellet gun so I can be ready to scare or take down the black birds if there come near! Poor Robins and there poor eggs!

My husband also asked me to take a few pictures of our Tulips!

They didn't turn out the best because I don't have a macro lens but they still look pretty.

Here are the few pictures I took of my daughter on Mothers Day! I did not get any group pictures and I am pretty disappointed!

We went to Brunch with My mom and family in the morning and then we headed to Alexandra to be with my husbands side of the family!

Tim the Turtle

We had a great day and I got to end it with a great show of Brothers and Sisters!

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Emily said...

beautiful pictures!! Glad you had a wonderful Mother's Day!