Friday, May 22, 2009

Sleep Over

My Little Cousins ( who I nanny for ) spent the night on Thrusday Night! Sophia and Parker spent all day at my house with Alex and I and then spent the night! We had lots of fun things planned and got to see lots of little animals!

Some cute photos of Sophia

This is the bird nest under our deck! The Robins hatched and I think they are about ready to start flying. Alex has really enjoyed watching the Mama Bird bring the worms in the nest as well as chase the bird all around the yard.

One of the neighbor girls won these little chickens at school! She brought them over for the kids to see them! I got some really cute pictures!

They where scared and I felt bad for the little baby chicks

I would be scared to if I was that small and BIG FOOT was coming after me

Parker was a little scared at first but he was excited to hold the chick

Alex loved holding the baby chickens

A kiss for the chicken

Sophia tried to hold the chicken but squeezed it a little hard

We went to the park by my house for about 45 minutes after nap time and before dinner

They had so much fun climbing, swinging and playing in the sand

Parks are going to be a place we spend a lot of time at this summer

Still surprised me that she can sit all by herself on a big girl swing and hold on

We also grilled cheese burgers, roasted marshmellows at the bon fire and a giant bath tub! We had a great time and they all slept amazing that night ( I was a little worried )

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