Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Do I Really Live In Minnesota?

95 degrees = hot, muggy, sticky and nasty

That's what it was like here today in Minnesota. Actually that is what it has been like for the past 2 or 3 days and I don't know when this heat wave is going to go away!

If you where going to spend any time outside today, it had to involve water!
There was no way we where going to be outside without being wet!

So today we played in the sprinkler and played with water balloons!
The kids had a blast and I would get wet every now and then but mostly just took pictures.

It's nice to be outside because it gets all the energy out and the kids nap a whole lot better.

Tomorrow we are headed to a splash park for the first time. I am hoping its fun for all ages because its FREE! I know the kids will have fun no matter what and I can not wait to take a bunch of pictures.

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Anonymous said...

which splash pad do you go to? We only know about the one in St. Louis Park. Always looking for others.