Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Family Pontoon 2009

Family Pontoon 2009

We did not have as many people as last year and the weather may not have been as nice but we had an amazing time! Lots of food, drinks, swimming, laughing and fun had by all!

We happened to come across this Flag while we where getting gas out on the lake! Alex Grandpa Mick named his boat "Mick's Black Pearl" so we thought this flag fit him perfect and Josh picked it up while inside!

Captain Mick and Alex

A few pictures from throughout the day!
Alex took her first actual Jet Ski ride that she LIKED! I know that there will now be many more to go. We just need to not let her ride with her dad or he will scare her way back to the beginning of things.

Alex throughout the day . . .

We got a email from aunt neese late Sunday night and I thought she summed up our family pontoon 2009 perfectly!

Just wanted to send out a note to say THANKS for the great memories to those of you who were able to make the pontoon day. Josh, I know I speak for all of us when I say thank you tons for organizing, footing the bill, and making sure this happened again. We all had a blast and the weather just added more stories for us to embellish and retell! The thunderstorm will probably end up being the "tornado that we survived"! It was so fun to have everyone together and the little tikes were absolutely a riot to have along. I think this will be one of those things that sticks in their minds like the arbitrary memories we have from our childhood. I love that we are able to be with them doing something we can all enjoy. Thanks, too, for all the food you brought, the help cooking, cleaning up, grilling, doing laundry (Dar the laundress!), and most of all, your tolerance of "casual dining" at our house! Last, but certainly not least, thanks to our fearless leader, Micky, captain extraordinaire; now (thanks to Josh) we have the great pontoon flag as our mascot to go with Mick's captain hat. Just wanted you all to know how glad the Stinson girls are to live close enough to share this kind of fun with you guys! Love, Neese

She said it perfectly! When she refers to the weather . . we started the day out in sweat shirts and sweat pants . . the middle of the day we where in swim suits and having fun in and on the water. . and right as we started to dock the pontoon, to pick up 3 more family members we got hit by a big, windy, sandy, rainy storm that lasted maybe 10 minutes but seemed like forever! This storm was so big and the winds where so strong that 6 grown men had a hard time holding the pontoon to the dock! It was scary at the time but all we could do was laugh!

We ended the pontoon ride after that massive storm and headed to Aunt Neeses house for hot tubing, grilling, TV watching, family talking FUN!!


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