Monday, June 8, 2009

Friend Making Monday!

Thought I would join in on some fun and start making some more blogger friends! Kasey started doing this and I just ran across her blog from another blogger friend Emily!

10 Things Alex Loves About Summer . . .

1. Swinging . . I think this might be her favorite thing to do in the summer! She absolutley loves to be pushed on the swing.

2. Bon Fires - having friends over to roast marshmallows or being at the cabin and sitting by the bon fire!

3. Riding Bikes - her friends, her own, it doesnt matter if she has wheels she will ride it! She has also learned how to peddle these past few weeks and really enjoys it!

4. Bare Feet - She loves to be bare foot! My neighbors always comment cause Alex and I are always bare feet!! ( I do make her wear shoes when she bikes )

5. Playing with friends - Mya and Keylee are her two friends that live in our circle. She watches for them to come outside so she can go over and play with them! She loves to be outside with them!

6. Music/Windows Down - she loves bopping her head to the music in the car! She also loves the music up loud while she puts the windows down in the car! She now knows how to open and close the car window!

7. Sprinklers/Pools ( anything with water ) - She loves playing in the water! She has already been at the pool, ran through the sprinkler, played on the slip in slide and went to a water park this summer! She is a water girl!!

8. Grilling - Her daddy loves to girl and she mainly likes to be outside watching him or playing while he grills! We all love daddy's grilling and love summer time because of it!

9. Lightness - Here in Minnesota when its winter time it gets dark at like 5pm! NOW that it is summer it stays like tell close to 9:30 and it is AMAZING! Alex can play outside later and get all of her crazy energy out!

10. CABIN - Alex loves going to the cabin and spending time with family! She loves going on boat rides with grandpa, playing with balls, playing in the sand and watching everyone have fun!

Mommies 10 Favorite Things About Summer . . .

1. Bare Feet - Not wearing socks and shoes and having pedicure done is one amazing thing about summer!
2. Corn On The Cob - I can not wait for the good sweet corn to arive! I could eat it daily ( Alex also loves to walk around holding on to the cob)!
3. Watermelon - I love watermelon and usually make myself sick when I eat it!
4. Volleyball - we play volleyball at the lake and I love it! I wish I could find a league to join!
5. Playing - I love watching Alex play outside with her friends and sitting with the other neighbors and just hanging out and talking!
6. Yard - I love spending time in our yard and having people over to enjoy our nice yard! My husband takes such good care of our yard and I love planting flowers and seeing everything grow and how pretty it is!
7. Weddings - I love going to weddings and the past few years we have had atleast 2 weddings every summer! Its fun to get together with friends and family and just have a great time.
8. Jet Ski - I love going out on the Jet Ski! Its like letting loose and forgetting about all your worries. I have a blast on the Jet Ski and just love tooling around or going super fast!
9. Grilling/Friends - I love having my husband grill! He is a master griller and all the food tastes so yummy! In the summer we grill atleast 4 times a week and we usually have friends ove 1 or 2 nights a week! We love being outside and enjoying the few months of nice weather!
10. CABIN - I love going to the cabin and being on the lake. Sometimes it gets a little hot but we always have a blast. I love the jet ski, boat rides, drinks by the bon fire, volleyball, cards and spending time with family!

It is rainy here today but we have been very lucky with nice weather the past month! I do not like too much heat so the weather we have been having has been great!!

Making Friends Monday!


Emily said...

Great list! Being barefoot is fact, I can't even get Melody to keep her shoes on!

Lins said...

I'm with you and is the only way to fly! Welcome to FMM!

Have a great evening!

J.J. said...

I love to swing too!!!! That and play volleyball...I haven't played in a long time though. Bummer. wE do have a net...we should totally put that up when we get back from vacation!

Unknown said...

I loved your lists...and the pictures were awesome--really nice touch!! Thank you so much for stopping by for FMM!