Sunday, June 21, 2009

Ghetto Slide

Ghetto Slip N Slide

Our neighbor Jon decided to make his own GIANT Slip N Slide so that EVERYONE could join in on the fun!

Let me tell you . . . EVERYONE sure did join in on this FUN!

The weather was perfect outside and everyone had a blast! I think we spent almost 3 hours outside that afternoon talking, watching the kids swim in the kiddy pool and taking turns going down this GIANT Slip N Slide!

I think most ( of us adults ) hurt today because of all the fun we had yesterday! I know that my body is aching like I spent those 3 hours in the gym!

I took a lot of pictures and again thought it would be best to put them into collages! Click on them if you want to see them up close and personal!

I did also get video that I need to get put up on the web and get them on the blog to share!

Alex . . who is normally a dare devil, into everything and so outgoing . . . was a little scared of this 75 foot Slip N Slide!

My husband did how ever test it out and some how managed to get Alex to go down a few times with him!

He did also try to pull me down with him but I managed to wiggle my way free of his arms each time and told him "I would go when I was ready"!

It did take the ladies awhile to go down but once we did we had a blast!

I did finally end up going on my stomach and doing turns while going down! Some of the guys treated it like a wave and tried to surf down it! THEY ARE INSANE!

Jon and Ryan had a blast and went down the Slip N Slide by far the most!

It was a blast just watching them go down and all the different things they did!

Mya was even more shy then Alex but her daddy got her to go down a few times as well!

It usually takes Mya awhile to warm up but she was loving the kiddy pool and splashing around in there!

All the girls went down with there daddy's! Those I think are my favorite pictures because I am a sucker for a little girl and her dad! Those pictures to me are priceless and you can never have enough.

Ryan and Jon also went down together a lot and I had fun taking pictures of them going double!

Like Father Like Son!

Fun was for sure had by all and we can't wait to do it again!

Like Jon Said " You can't put a price on FUN"

That statement stood true that day!

Hope everyone had a great FATHERS DAY and a Fun weekend!

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Unknown said...

Looks like you have the funnest neighbors EVER! I should mosey on over to your 'hood someday :)