Thursday, June 4, 2009

I Never Knew

I always imagined but I never knew . .

I never knew how much Alex would be like Chad and I

My mom told me that when I was younger I would walk into peoples houses and just ask if they could play ( why ring the doorbell when you can just walk in)! Alex doesn't do that yet but she does just walk over to there house if they are outside playing or walk into their garage and start playing with their toys!

Alex loves boys - I always loved boys . . but thats not that point! I think Alex just might be that tom boy her daddy wants but playing those sports with a dress on! Yesterday these two boys where playing football with Ryans dad! Alex would join in on the fun and jump on top of the boys when they where tackling eachother! It was actually very funny to watch!

She loves the water and the hose JUST like her DADDY did! I hear stories all the time and my husband still gets gifts to this day from his Aunt and parents that have to do with his childhood love of the hose! What was once his childhood love has become an adult obsession! Our yard looks amazing because my husband is always on top of everything!

Keeping her hair short - She has her entire life to have long hair, its so much easier for me and for her! I always had my hair short as a little girl and I still keep it some what short! I did have bangs most of my life and that is one that I have yet to give Alex! I am trying hard not to put bangs on her!

She is sassy and loud and I was both of those things when I was a kid! I might still be if you ask the right people! I think Alex is following my exact footsteps when it comes to her outgoingness! I love this part of her personality! Chad nor I are shy at all! We both are very outgoing people so it only makes sense that Alex would be the same!

I am starting to think that Alex really fits in the middle of Chad and I! She is sassy but down to earth, girly but tomboyish, loud but sweet, outgoing but carefree!



Emily said...

So sweet. What a great, reflective post.

Verna said...

Love the helmut!

I was a tom boy too, but I had 6 older brothers. :)

Meant to be a mom said...

She sounds like such a great kiddo!
Full of life and fun. Oh and I love the short hair cut, I think its adorable on her.