Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Rainy Days

Another Week Will Come And Go

Alex will continue to grow!

I can not believe how fast time is going by

she is growing with a blink of an eye!

Next year she will need a Big Girl Bike

She will be too big for a little trike!

No Matter if its Rain or Shine

She wants to be outside all of the time!

{ i am laughing out loud } Sorry I tried to make it rhyme and it sounds really cheesy! I think I will leave it because I find it actually funny!

It has been rainy and gloomy here the past few days but it is actually nice to not have it be so hot! This past weekend we had amazing weather and I only hope it is that nice this weekend for Fathers Day!

We are excited grandma and grandpa Schuler will be coming to our house on Saturday and I believe staying through Monday! Alex will love it and so will Chad an I!


Unknown said...

Hey Erin,

Very cute little poem ;)

What do you use to make the collages? I know you can make them in Picasa. Is that what you use?


Erica @ All About Aleigha said...

I actually like your poem & the cute pics of Alex make it even better. I wish I was as artistic as you are.

Emily said...

We love when the grandparents babysitting!

Stephanie Precourt said...

She is darling!