Sunday, June 7, 2009

Thumper Pond Water Park

We had an amazing fun, busy, crazy, tiring weekend!

Alex uncle Nate got married to Heather this weekend.

We got to spend both Friday and Saturday Night at Thumper Pond. Thumper Pond has a great Water Park for kids and adults! We all went swimming and spent a few hours a day playing in the water!

I took a bunch a pictures and these are just a few to show how much fun Alex really had! There where kids everywhere and she just loved that one of the pools was meant for little ones her size! I believe it was only 3 inches deep with tiny water slides, lots of fountains, and buckets that would fill with water and then come pouring down!

They had a lazy river, a hot tub and two big water slides that mommy, daddy and uncle Eric loved to go down! Daddy liked it way more then he thought and actually spent a good hour on his birthday going down those slides! It was like he was a kid again!!

We also got to spend some time getting to know Heathers cousins! These two little girls are Madison and Lauren! They where both so sweet and Alex just loves other kids!

The water park was great because it tired the little ones out for there afternoon naps before the wedding! Alex slept so well at the hotel it was amazing!

We had a great weekend and there will be MANY, MANY more pictures and posts to come!

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