Thursday, June 25, 2009

Water Balloons

On Tuesday it was hot and muggy, kind of like this entire week.

The kids where sick of the spinkler so we took out water balloons and it kept them busy for a very long time.

The girls just liked holding the balloons and feeling them. The boys liked making small, big, half air half water balloons. They loved throwing the balloons and watching them explode!

I liked it because it kept them busy and they didn't fit or bite or hit or scream!

The kids also love Ring Pops! I know I should not give them sugar but every now and then is ok!!

Alex had a very purple tongue!!

Here are some cute ones of Sophia! I loved her little top!

Hope everyone had a great Thursday! We are off to the Lake tomorrow for a very fun and busy weekend!

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Emily said...

water balloons and ring pops...the perfect accessory to a summer night!