Thursday, June 18, 2009

While The Boys Are Away

The girls will bake

Parker and Cole went to the neighbors for a little while and while they where gone Alex, Sophia and I made brownies!

The girls wanted to help with everything! So I let them stir the brownie mix and if I turned my head for a second they where trying to dip there fingers in the mix!

Once we got done mixing it and I got it put in the oven I let them share the whisk!

They did get a little messy but who doesn't love brownie mix

ummmm so yummy!

The mix itself is better then the brownies baked!


Unknown said...

Looks like they had a blast. What a cool mom. Good thing you don't have to worry about stains because her shirt is already brown.

Meant to be a mom said...

Yum, That is something I miss, Not being able to eat raw batters right now. I love brownie batter and cookie dough. But its all worth it.

Emily said...

YUMMY! Who can resist brownie batter?