Thursday, July 23, 2009

Big Girl Bedroom

We got Alex her bunk beds last week, I bought her bedding and plan on buying her mattress tomorrow! I am super excited to rearrange my house. I can't wait to paint Alex room and the new baby room. We have to move the guest bedroom, move some of the baby furniture to the new baby room and build some furniture on top of buy a few things for the babies room.

I have a week off in August and plan to get most of that list completed. I am hoping to have some help from family and friends. I can not wait to see everything completed!

Can't believe Alex is going to be a big sister :)


Emily said...

It's sooo fun to move furniture and re-decorate! And even more fun when you're doing it in anticipation of a new baby!!

Misty Rice said...

Congratulations on the wonderful news. Thanks for stopping by and saying hello. YOu have an adorable blog and a beautiful family.

God Bless.

PS: I look forward to watching the belly grow.