Wednesday, July 1, 2009

A Few Cute Stories

I have two stories to share about Alex that happened over the past few days. We think one is just too funny and the other is a glimpse at what the next few years of our lives will look like!

The first story happened last Friday Night. We left the lake at about 8:30 to head back to grandma and grandpas place. Alex feel asleep in the car and I was able to transfer her from the car to her bed. The guys where playing on the computers and watching TV and Darlene and I where making salads for the pontoon ride the next day. All of a sudden I saw Alex in the hallway and asked her why she was awake, she mumbled something but I just picked her up and brought her into the kitchen so I could finish making the salads. While I was finishing them up I asked her again why she was awake and she responded . . "There's a Bird in my room" and to that I said WHAT? and she again said "There's a Bird in my room" . . I kind of just ignored her and just thought maybe she hear something outside but my husband came in and asked her to show him. So she led us to the bedroom and what she was hearing was the fan. It made a little Bird noise when it turned one way. She in her eyes she really did hear a Bird in her room.

The next story happened on Sunday night and it involves Alex, Keylee and Mya all age 2. They where all outside playing and the moms where sitting in chairs hanging out and chatting ( plus watching the girls). They all went into Keylees garage because they kept asking for Freezy Pops. Well what one of these girls can't do another can and no one else but me knew that Alex can open the garage door that leads into the house! She when they all went into the garage the other moms just thought they would be stuck, that is until I told them what Alex could do. So we just watched from afar and low and behold Alex opened the garage door and the girls went into the house. Keylee can reach the freezy pops so they all came out with one and where biting them to get into them. So Krisi being nice got opened them for the girls.

BUT THEY TRIED AGAIN and this time learned a little more! Alex let them in and Keylee went into her art drawer and got out her small scissors. Good thing Krisi was right behind them or who knows what all they would have cut.

But just watching this story unfold really makes me nervous as to what these next few years brings!!


Meant to be a mom said...

This post is to funny.
I love the bird story, thats so cute how in her mind there was a bird in her room. "I mean come on mom, how can you not hear that bird". So cute.
The popsickle story, wow. Alex takes things into her own hands. She's like "fine if they won't help us than I'll just do it myself". Little Miss independent. She's needs one of those t-shirts with those "little miss" sayings on them.

Erica @ All About Aleigha said...

That bird story is too cute. As for the popsiclestory, you've got Miss Independent on your hands.

Unknown said...

Cute now, maybe not so cute when she's 15 and breaking curfew. Enjoy these days. Ally is almost 4and in her screaming, pitching a fit, sassy stage. It's the BEST ;)

Emily said...

That's so good teamwork! And I'm glad there wasn't a real bird in there!