Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Little Miss Piggy

Wouldn't she make a cute pig?

I found this costume and think I am in love. I wanted her to be a pig last year and it didn't work out! When I saw this in a magazine that my aunt recently got I am thinking we have to order it.

Living in Minnesota I would have to find black gloves, thick pink tights and a light pink long sleeve shirt. I think its all doable though :)

My fear is she wont want to keep the hood on!!

I think it is worth a try . . anyone else thinking about Halloween Costumes!

There is also these adorable ones as well . .

These are my favorites but who spends $88.00 on a costume?!?!

Can't believe Halloween Costumes are already out !!

POTTY TRAINING - We are definitely not winning this round. She has only went in her undies twice today and the second time was my fault. I knew she was going to have to go but we where eating lunch. I should have made her go before lunch . . Not a good mommy. She is in a pull up now because we are about to take a nap! Maybe this afternoon will be better :)

One good thing is I am learning that she doesn't pee nearly as much as I thought she would. Two times the entire morning :)


All About Aleigha said...

That pig is too cute & I bet she will make it even cuter. My little one was the chicken last year & everybody loved it. I'm thinking we'll do Raggedy Ann this year.

Meant to be a mom said...

Awe, the pig and the duck are absolutely my favorite. How fun.
Oh and I hope your potty training gets better.

All About Aleigha said...

Where do you find those cute pig & chicken costumes that they can wear tights with?