Saturday, July 18, 2009

That Fast?

I can't believe it
Not even a month
Are we ready for this
How could it happen so fast
Was this the right decision
I am so excited
I can't even describe what it means to be a mom
Is Alex really going to be a big sister
I already know that Chad is an amazing Father
Where will this take us
Will I open my own day care
Will it be a boy or a girl
What will the due date be

So many questions . . So many emotion . .

I can't even describe what Chad and I are going through

We still have yet to tell anyone. I go to the Doctor on Wednesday and can't wait to hear the news! It's so early on and so many things can happen.

I ask for your prayers and your thoughts!

IUD out on June 19th
2 positive pregnancy tests on July 15th
Doctor appointment on July 22nd

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