Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Us vs. Potty

That's what it is today . . and will be hopefully until we conquer . . we win!

Not sure how to do this, never been down this road before, but I am trying.

I ask her every 5 minutes . . Set a timer for 20 minutes and make her sit on the potty and try to pee . . I give her small amounts of water and after she drinks that I wait 10 min and have her sit on the potty. .

I use candy . . freezes . . go gurts . . praises . . jump up and down. . clap . . get all excited . . or anything else she may want or that may help . .

I brought 5 different outfits with us today and so far we are in the same one we put on 30 minutes ago . .

I know it wont happen in a day . . but any progress we can make together . . will get us one step closer . .

Wish us luck and if you have any advice let me know!

I will take anything I can get!!


Anna said...

Ally was really easy to potty train. We went to the store together and let her pick out her very own underwear. The trick is to get her to wear the undies everyday, and maybe just a pull up at night and at nap time. When I'd be gone and Adam would put her down for the night, he'd tell me he just left her in her undies. She never did pee the bed. Good luck!

Emily said...

Good luck! We started potty training today too! So far, I'm loosing! lol

Kelly said...

Good luck!

Jessica said...

Good luck! I want to hear how it goes! I still have a while before we have to potty train, but I am dreading it because I have no idea where to start!