Wednesday, July 29, 2009

You Think Your Daughter Is Trouble . . .

Wonder What This Is?

I did to as I walked out of my house and found my daughter sitting on the ground with her hands on the sidewalk and then in her mouth!

I guess she got a hold of a Kool-Aid packet . .


I could not stop laughing and asked her what she was doing

She answered with . . .

"It's Sugar Mommy"

I had to take a picture of course

and daddy came to the rescue and gave her a shower before it stained her face and hands too much!

So if you think your child is trouble. . .

She is going to show us just what it is like to be a child . .

All the good, the bad, the ugly



Anonymous said...

How does she even know what sugar is?

Erin said...

Ha Ha Ha She is smart! She bakes with my mom, or me often and I always tell her what we are putting in.

If you know my daughter her famous words are . .

Why Mommy?

Whats that mommy?

So answering her turns into about 20 different questions with different answers and she slowly learns a lot of things!

Anonymous said...


Mine always says. "Whatcha doing, Mommy"

Emily said...

So funny! How did she manage to keep if off her dress?

Unknown said...

Wow! Good times, for sure!

Krystyn @ Really, Are You Serious? said...

Oh, that is hilarious..not for you, of course, but for her!