Wednesday, July 22, 2009

1st Dr. Appointment

I had my first Doctor Visit today and was so excited. This would make it official for my husband because 3 positive pregnancy tests weren't enough ( big smile ) !

I went in and filled out a lot of paper work, I am seeing a new OB at a new clinic for this pregnancy. I am really excited she seems super nice and was very excited for us to be expecting another baby. I am also excited because the office is located within a new North Memorial that will be opening in December. So when I have the baby the Hospital will only be about 3 months old! Everything will be new, clean and fresh! They took a urine sample, blood work, did a vaginal exam ( she is pretty sure I am not having twins ), talked about a few different things and scheduled an ultra sound for next week and another appointment for 4 weeks out.

I have to have a Vaginal Ultrasound done ( never had one before ) because I have no idea when I got pregnant. Well we know it was between June 19th and now but aren't sure how far along I am and this is the only way they can tell.

I can't wait for the ultrasound! I can't wait for each Dr. Appointment and I can't wait to meet this little baby growing inside me!

Do you think it will be a boy or a girl?! Should we find out?!

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