Monday, August 17, 2009

Chugging Along

After our little scare last night ( and getting no sleep ) Baby Schuler is alive and beating. My mom came with me to my doctor appointment today and we got to hear the tiny heart beating strong. My OB didn't know if she would be able to hear the heart beat or not on the doppler but we heard it and it was such a relief. I am sooo glad everything is fine with this little babe and I am sooo glad I decided to go into the Dr. today.

The Dr. did tell me that once you see/hear a heartbeat on an Ultra Sound that there is less then a 5% chance of having a miscarriage. I saw the babies heart beat when I went in for the early Ultrasound to tell us our due date!

Thanks for all the prayers :)

Now I need help with names . . We have some listed on the side but those aren't for sure names. my husband and I can't really agree on any names at this point and time. So I want to hear every ones favorite names or whats on there list or what they would have named there children!!

I am not a big fan of common names and I like names that can have nicknames!

Any help would be great :)

Well my 9 week check up has come and gone and I go back in another 4 weeks. I think at this next appointment they will schedule my Ultra Sound!!!!


Emily said...

Wow...I just got caught up with everything...I'm so glad it's all OK. I had bleeding with Jack right around 9/10 weeks too.
Hm, names. I'll let you know if I think of any but I probably won't be much help, I like really traditional names!

All About Aleigha said...

So glad the baby is ok. As for baby names, if we had a boy I would love to name him Parker (my last name), Jayden or Bentley. Henry told me no way, no how we would name our son Bentley so were getting Aleigha a Yorkie pup this weekend & his name will be Bentley :) As for girl names I love the old fashioned ones like Anna Claire but I also love the name Nahla.

Jessica said...

Oh I am so glad everything is ok with the baby! And that you went ahead to the dr, just to give you peace of mind. We are stuck when it comes to names, too. There is maybe one or 2 that my husband & I agree on! I really like Jace & Aubry. Auburn is actually on our, well MY, list & call her Aubry for short. I'm still trying to convince my husband, but since he is a huge Mississippi State fan he says it would just be wrong to name her after another SEC team! (Even though that is of course not where I came up with it!)

Rachel said...

Oh my goodness! This could have been your True Story Tuesday post! I am so glad for the great news that your baby is okay!

And we LOVE the name Tristan - Tris for short.

Though I think Sawyer is cute too!