Friday, August 7, 2009

Double Strollers

I am starting to research double strollers and I have found a few that I love but the ones I love are the ones that cost a fortune. Wondering what you all use and if you have any tips for double strollers!

Any help would be great :)

The ones I like are

Phil and Teds

Bumble Ride

those are the main two.

I am also wondering. With a newborn can I just put him or her in a stroller. Do I really need to tote around the car seat? All these thoughts and I know most will just be what I want to do or how I feel.


Jessica said...

I am also looking for a good double stroller. I liked the Phil & Teds & I also found one made by Kolocraft that I am really leaning towards. I like it best b/c you can turn both seats either direction. You can see a demo of it here:
Let me know if you have any luck finding any others!

Emily said...

I have a sit-n-stand for Charlie and Melody and totally love it. Melody's not the best stroller rider so this is the perfect compromise for us.