Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Splash Park With Best Friends

We had been planning this day for awhile. We aren't stay at home moms so when we all had a Tuesday off we decided to take the girls to a Splash Park near by. It wasn't the hottest day but the girls had a blast and us moms had fun chatting.

We had everything packed up . . and I did pack my camera and when I took it out, turned it on and tried to take a picture. THERE WAS NO MEMORY CARD. Thank goodness Krisi had her camera so we got some fun pictures.

Here are some unedited pictures from our day at the splash park.

As you can see the girls had a blast and when we got home Alex took a 3 1/2 hour nap. When she woke up it was time to get ready for National Night Out :)


Tina Fisher said...

What a fun day! Those girls are so cute! Some day 15 years from now they are going to cherish those pics so much!

Emily said...

Fun! I am just so jealous that we don't have a splash park!

Mary said...

Where is this place? It looks so fun!

Thanks for the comment by the way :)

As far as who I want to win tonight, it's between Kayla and Evan. Of coarse the two they didn't think will win. And if I had to guess who WILL win, I'm guessing Jennine. She just seemed to be the popular one. But ya know Evan has pulled through this whole way. He may be popular the the fans. Either way I can't wait to watch tonight!!
Who do you want to win?

Meant to be a mom said...

I just love those splash pads. Kids think they are great. I'm glad the girls had a good time!

Lyr said...

My son loves those things! We have a park right near our house and he just always wants to go. Thanks for the comment on the pictures. It was a great time. My son is LOVES Nemo too!