Monday, August 3, 2009

This Little Baby . . .

Well he/she is kicking my butt! I mean this little baby can't kick yet but man I feel like it sure is giving me a run for my money. I am not a napper but if I have time I will lay down with my daughter and take an hour nap ( that might turn into 3 ) which is not all that bad cause if I am there she will nap longer.

The morning sickness that I had with Alex ( which was nothing compared to this child ) has not been in the morning but in the afternoon. I might throw up once or twice a week in the morning but man the afternoons have been killing me. I lay down to take a nap because I feel exhausted and wake up to feel like HELL!

As you can see the baby is maybe the size of a rice grain. Even though I am only 7 weeks along I am still more tired then ever and wake up 2 times a night to go to the bathroom ( and yes I go right before I go to bed ).

One good thing is that I can't eat nearly as much . . I am sure that will change though!

So glad babies are worth every little thing they throw at us. This pregnancy will not be nearly as painful as it was with Alex ( as I have no gall bladder anymore ) but I can still complain a little bit right!


Emily said...

Pregnant women are always allowed to complain! ;) Hope you start feeling better soon...morning sickness is the worst!

Anna said...

Hmm, maybe since you feel so different this time, it's a boy. I know I definitely feel different this time around. Good luck with everything! It's SO worth it (as you know). :)