Thursday, October 1, 2009

It's My Party

And I'll Cry If I Want To . .

Isn't she lovely!! She is just learning to walk and was trying to crawl all over the place. Her mom had her work cut out for her but the pictures we got in the end ( over 140 that I had edited ) was all worth it!

I had the opportunity to shoot Kadence for her 1 year pictures. I was so excited because they where bringing a cake with them. How fun and cute is it to shoot a little girl digging into a cake!

All she wanted was the Candle. We had to keep hiding it in the cake for her to dig into and find!

She always found it and went right back at it!

Until the end. She had, had enough. I don't even think she ate much of the cake!

A Messy Birthday Girl! Doesn't Get Much Cutter Then That!


Emily said...

that is cute! I love all the pink!

Tina Fisher said...

great photos!!!!
we did this for Karley's 1st!