Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Meet The Fausone Family

I had the opportunity to shoot this family and a park near our houses. I had never been to the park and now I can not wait to get back there. There where so many different places for photos and the park was just amazing.

Different types of benches, and the River so close.

4 different paths to choose from that where just lined with giant trees.

Little nooks that I just loved for photos.

A birch tree . . my favorite . . I love how they look in pictures and I just love the trees.

This family was open for anything . . we did lots of different poses and I got so many great pictures. I am so proud of this shoot and so proud of myself. I can see myself growing and learning for each shoot that I do.

I have another busy weekend. I have a 1 year old little girl coming on Friday and bringing a birthday cake. I have 2 little girls coming over on Saturday morning as well as a Senior Picture Session in the afternoon. I also have a family of 5 on Sunday.

I am busy. I am offering 50% off my sessions right now. I am also partnered up with my Best Friend Anna and we are giving away a $1400 wedding package to some lucky Bride and Groom.

On top of being busy with photography I am still working 36 hours a week as a nanny. My house is a mess and I have a day and a half to clean it up to get ready for 2 photo shoots at my house. Plus the grandparents are coming back again to help with Alex while I work. Which is a great help and allows me to do photo shoots on Saturday without having to worry about my daughter.

I am exhausted and I hope I can find some time to relax this weekend. We have all these projects that we want to get done and I don't know how my house will ever be clean. I wish I was a clean freak or had to have everything organized.

Hope everyone is having a great week. We miss you Grandma and Grandpa Mueller!!! Hope your having a great time in Germany!


Anna said...

Wow - you ARE busy! Just remember to take care of yourself and gets lots of rest ;)

Lisa said...

Thank you for your sweet comment! I love that you are doing what I'm too afraid to step out and do! lol
My passion is photography but I still have so much to learn and practice. Do you mind me asking a few questions (to answer only when you have time, I know you are super busy)?
You have great ideas!
I love your blog, it's so adorable-right along with your little sweet pea. Congrats on your angel on the way =)

Emily said...

I love that picture of them walking down the trail!